J4N Oral Arguments

J4N 1/19 10A Courtroom 426 City of PHL

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RTK Challenge: J4N

A representative of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office this week said the agency expects to seek a protective order in PGN’s open-records case for 911 recordings relating to the Nizah Morris incident.Tim Cwiek for EPGN Protective orders typically are employed to seal court records that otherwise would be accessible to the public. During a July…

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PHL Action Alert: J4N Committee Announcement

J4N: Next Nizah Morris court proceeding scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 in Courtroom 426. Last proceeding was 10 a.m. Tuesday, October 10, 2017, in City Hall Courtroom 426, with Judge Abbe Fletman presiding. Thank you.

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“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” A court proceeding is re/scheduled for July 18, 2017, regarding access to 911 recordings in the Nizah Morris case. The proceeding will take place in Courtroom 426 in Philadelphia’s City Hall


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Killer Byron Allen In Custody: Del Co DA Jack Whelan on the 2016 Kensington Corrider Murders

“Violence in any form inflicted upon any person is reprehensible. This is especially true of those perpetrators who target marginalized communities that find it difficult or impossible to access legal recourse or protection. Of course, we’d welcome any conversations or proposals which aim to reduce this issue.” Timothy Keller, aide to Philadelphia Representative Brian Sims, responding to ePGN article by Tim Cwiek.

Byron Allen faces first-degree murder charges in the killing of Natasha Gibson, 32, who was found slain outside the home of a family friend in Yeadon on Sept. 22, and in several assaults in Philadelphia’s Kensington section, including the murder of Rickie Morgan.

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Communities Working Together To Stop The Violence.

Tim Cwiek September 8, 2016 26 Comments Pennsylvania resident Melanie Dante wants state lawmakers to enact an anti-violence resolution on behalf of sex workers. Dante, 46, is an advocate for LGBT rights and the rights of sex workers. She said several local trans women who were murdered recently were perceived to be sex workers. “I…

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