D/17 ARTICLE: Under The Red Umbrella

Under The Red Umbrella    Monday, December 17, 2018 will mark the 15th annual observance of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. As people gather around the globe to celebrate the holidays, some mourn the loss of those close to them. In Philadelphia, the observance features two events. 12 PM - 4 PM  Thomas Paine Plaza and 7PM - 10PM Phila MOCA

SWEAT South Africa: Say Her Name Campaign

SAY HER NAME: To Commemorate Women Who Have Been Taken From Us By Violence. http://sweat.org.za/say-her-name/ Sarah “She was a sex worker and mother. She was so sweet a person you will never ever hear her fight with her colleagues. She loved her child, a boy, and her house. She was always joking with us and because she was older than us, she did not like us to be unprofessional. She was pregnant and sick and did a back street abortion. It did not go well and because she was HIV positive she never recovered and died. The lack of information made my friend loose her life.” - by Dudu (SWEAT)