Art For Social Justice: Prostitute Poetic

A Memory & A Dream Suppressed To Maintain Freedom (Part One of Two)

TRIGGER WARNING: Strong Content. Violence. Obscenity. Not Suitable For All Listeners.

Original Poetics By M. Dante (c) 1996 NYC. Audio Recording 2006 Philadelphia.

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We Remember: Donna Marie Gentile 

Philadelphia runaway Donna Marie Gentile became most known for her NHI – No Human Involved – status as a prostitution cold case murder in San Diego. Her family is here in Philadelphia, and asks us all to keep her memory alive. Absolutely we will.

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We Remember Philly Native and NHI Murder Victim Donna Marie Gentile: 1962-1985

“[Donna] was either killed because she was a part of a series of prostitute murders that had been happening in the 1980s, or the fact that she was informing on the San Diego Police Department,” said Limberg, who lectures at Cal State San Marcos and Palomar College…. She was still alive at the time gravel was stamped down her throat so it could have been to shut her up,” said Limberg.


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