From Africa to America: End Demand Is Not Ending Violence or Murder

Let’s consider the first recommendation from the commission – full criminalisation of sex work. We have had this apartheid-era model in South Africa for a long time now. What have the results been? High levels of violence. In the United States, where this practice is criminalised, female sex workers are almost 18 times more likely to be murdered than other women, a 2004 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found.

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Art For Social Justice: Prostitute Poetic

A Memory & A Dream Suppressed To Maintain Freedom (Part One of Two)

TRIGGER WARNING: Strong Content. Violence. Obscenity. Not Suitable For All Listeners.

Original Poetics By M. Dante (c) 1996 NYC. Audio Recording 2006 Philadelphia.

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“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” A court proceeding is re/scheduled for July 18, 2017, regarding access to 911 recordings in the Nizah Morris case. The proceeding will take place in Courtroom 426 in Philadelphia’s City Hall


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S F Sex Work Film Fest

The US PROStitutes Collective and In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety Project present a film program at the San Francisco Sex Work Film Festival Saturday May 27th The Roxie Theatre San Francisco Sponsored – In part – by The ESPLER Project: Litigate to Emancipate!

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We Remember: Donna Marie Gentile 

Philadelphia runaway Donna Marie Gentile became most known for her NHI – No Human Involved – status as a prostitution cold case murder in San Diego. Her family is here in Philadelphia, and asks us all to keep her memory alive. Absolutely we will.

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U.S. Media Ignores International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

December 17th 2016 officially marked the thirteenth anniversary of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Most likely, you have never heard about this day if you live in the U.S. because the American media doesn’t cover this topic.

Article by Brian Saady. “Crying Liberty” copyright: Deborah Gross- Zuchman

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We Remember: Maya Young

EPGN: Community mourns stabbing victim Maya Young Paige Cooperstein February 25, 2016 Maya Young asked Anthony Harper for the time six years ago while she was walking in the Gayborhood. It was a simple question that spawned a long friendship. “I noticed the birthmark on her cheek and told her it was beautiful,” Harper told PGN through his…

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True Stories from the World’s Oldest Profession

SEX for SALE Friday November 18th 2016: Christ Church Neighborhood Theater in Old City Neighborhood, Philadelphia  Sex For Sale: True Stories from the World’s Oldest Profession First Person Arts DATE Fri., Nov. 18 TIME Doors at 7:30PM, Show at 8PM LOCATION Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater (20 N. American St., Philadelphia, PA 19106) Near the…

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Ep264: Sex With Timaree On December 17th Philly

Originally posted on Sex With Timaree (The Podcast):
In this very serious conversation, we are joined by M. Dante and E. Vayle as they discuss a series of sex worker murders in Kennsington, Philadelphia as well as their December 17th memorial demonstration.

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Quantifying Violence: Frankford Kensington 19124

Inspired by Rickie Morgan’s murder to get the stats on the Frankford / Kensington street violence, here’s the deal: By conducting public records searches we are seeing zip code per zip code where the violence in Philadelphia is happening and how. All research costs are paid for by sex workers for sex workers. 01 June…

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