2022 Jayne Swift Article:

Research shows that sex workers are particularly vulnerable to physical and sexual violence at work. Globally, sex workers have a 45- 75% chance of experiencing sexual violence on the job. Individual studies of sex work in the US confirm high rates of violence, often from law enforcement.  Street workers (who are more likely to be of color, trans, and housing precarious), are especially vulnerable. One New York City-based study of street workers found that 80% had experienced violence and 30% reported violence or threats of violence from law enforcement. A similar study of indoor workers found that 46% had been victims of violence and 14% had experienced police violence. Migrants and LGBTQ sex workers are also more likely to encounter violence.

2023 Letter from Dr. Annie

When Ridgeway was finally caught, I felt a need to memorialize my whore sisters that had died so horribly and needlessly. I cared, and I knew other people cared too. So I got together with Robyn Few, Founder of the Sex Worker Outreach Project, and SWOP members Stacey Swimme and Michael Fowley, and we claimed Dec. 17th as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. We invited people to do memorials, vigils, and their chosen kind of events in their countries and cities. We produced a vigil at San Francisco’s City Hall. To date, hundreds of people around the world have done dozens of memorials, actions, and events of all kinds, and the participation is growing. Won’t you join us?