Female homicide rate in U.S. dropped after Craigslist launched its erotic services platform

The September 2017 study, authored by West Virginia University and Baylor University economics and information systems experts, analyzes rates of female homicides in various cities before and after Craigslist opened an erotic services section on its website. The authors found a shocking 17 percent decrease in homicides with female victims after Craigslist erotic services were introduced.

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“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” A court proceeding is re/scheduled for July 18, 2017, regarding access to 911 recordings in the Nizah Morris case. The proceeding will take place in Courtroom 426 in Philadelphia’s City Hall


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U.S. Media Ignores International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

December 17th 2016 officially marked the thirteenth anniversary of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Most likely, you have never heard about this day if you live in the U.S. because the American media doesn’t cover this topic.

Article by Brian Saady. “Crying Liberty” copyright: Deborah Gross- Zuchman http://www.deborahzuchman.com

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December 17th Is About Those Lost To Murder or Suicide 

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If You Don’t Know Your Rights You Don’t Have Any

Truly – You have the right to be treated well as a uniquely special person, and as a sex worker. Desiree Alliance is committed to nonviolence. DA creates support systems and safe space for sex workers.

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We Remember Philly Native and NHI Murder Victim Donna Marie Gentile: 1962-1985

“[Donna] was either killed because she was a part of a series of prostitute murders that had been happening in the 1980s, or the fact that she was informing on the San Diego Police Department,” said Limberg, who lectures at Cal State San Marcos and Palomar College…. She was still alive at the time gravel was stamped down her throat so it could have been to shut her up,” said Limberg.


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Coming Out Under The Red Umbrella

© 2015 M. Dante at The Adult Education Discussion at Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon:   ADULT SEX EDUCATION DISCUSSION ON SEX WORK AND SEX TRAFFICKING IN ALASKA: Under federal criminal law, sex trafficking must involve force, fraud, coercion, or minors. Alaska’s 2012 sex trafficking law redefines many things related to prostitution as sex trafficking.  Things…

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