Justice Makes Us Safer

We Believe In You Larry That Yes – Justice Makes Us Safer!

Please – Don’t leave Philly’s Sex Workers out of the sentiment.

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Incarnation Institute For Sex & Faith

We are a violent society. We can do better than this. We don’t have to be a violent society.  I ask you to join us at the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith and be a part of the solution. Love your body (and the bodies of others) like God does! All bodies are beautiful and our differences do not have to separate us. And then, go into your world and “make love” – in fact, make a lot of love happen! Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale,

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17 Facts About Violence Against Sex Workers

Judges, police and juries often hold bias against sex workers. In Philadelphia, Judge Teresa Carr-Deni called gang-rape of a sex worker at gunpoint “theft of services” and refused to allow prosecution to press aggravated sexual assault charges. In South Africa, police routinely refuse to even pursue rape cases involving sex workers or laugh at victims when victims come forward. Photo of Philadelphia City Hall M. Dante

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This Week In The Race For PHL DA

No Criminalizing Survival! Are you registered to vote? You must have registered to vote in Philadelphia by October 10th to vote in the municipal election on Tuesday, November 7th. Learn how to register yourself and others here

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Sex Workers Are More Accustomed To It, Though Street Harassment Hurts Everyone

Billy Penn Re/Post: Street harassment in Philly: Unsafe, uncomfortable and untracked There’s no way to quantify what may not even be illegal: “Sometimes it’s just annoying, and sometimes it’s terrifying.” Article series by Anna Orso. Illustration: Billy Penn Art.

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Justice Makes Us Safer 

“I believe we need to fundamentally change the current culture within the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. More of the same won’t achieve real justice for victims caught up in our city’s criminal justice system.” Lawrence Krasner

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U.S. Media Ignores International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

December 17th 2016 officially marked the thirteenth anniversary of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Most likely, you have never heard about this day if you live in the U.S. because the American media doesn’t cover this topic.

Article by Brian Saady. “Crying Liberty” copyright: Deborah Gross- Zuchman http://www.deborahzuchman.com

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Dear Diana Hemingway

Originally posted on SaneSurvivor:
Dear Diana, When I received the news of your passing yesterday morning, I was sad.  Selfishly, I was sad for me.  You not being here means I will not be able to enjoy your deep wisdom and your sarcastic wit.  I will miss your honest assessments of ideas I “ran past…

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We Remember: Anonymous Teenage Philadelphia “Hooker”

“Crying Liberty” copyright: Deborah Gross- Zuchman http://www.deborahzuchman.com

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Killer Byron Allen In Custody: Del Co DA Jack Whelan on the 2016 Kensington Corrider Murders

“Violence in any form inflicted upon any person is reprehensible. This is especially true of those perpetrators who target marginalized communities that find it difficult or impossible to access legal recourse or protection. Of course, we’d welcome any conversations or proposals which aim to reduce this issue.” Timothy Keller, aide to Philadelphia Representative Brian Sims, responding to ePGN article by Tim Cwiek.

Byron Allen faces first-degree murder charges in the killing of Natasha Gibson, 32, who was found slain outside the home of a family friend in Yeadon on Sept. 22, and in several assaults in Philadelphia’s Kensington section, including the murder of Rickie Morgan.

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