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A newly-released study [PDF] (via Sophie Cull) shows there's been a corresponding increase in female homicides since the point Craigslist dumped ERS. Online services -- enabled by Section 230 -- helped sex workers stay safe by reducing or eliminating a few of the more dangerous variables. Wed, Feb 6th 2019 9:32am — Tim Cushing for Tech Dirt

decriminalization and regulation of commercial sex work would likely end the murder and abuse of sex workers.

December 17is International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers.  It was established as a memorial and vigil for the victims of the Green River Killer, Ridgewood.  For more than two decades, in and around Seattle, WA ,the murders of women went undiscovered until Ridgewood was arrested in 2001.  He pleaded guilty to killing 49 women, many of whom were sex workers, but likely killed more than 90 women.  He received multiple life sentences.

UK Exclusive: Sex worker feared for her life as prostitutes forced off street

INVITED IN TO KILL Sex worker feared for her life after friend strangled by client at home as prostitutes warn being forced off street puts them at risk of attack One of around 32,000 sex workers operating in London, Anna has opened up to the Sun Online exclusively about her 18 years operating in the heart of Soho EXCLUSIVE By Phoebe Cooke

Sex Workers Are Human Resources By David Block Special to the Press/Review

Philadelphia Free Press: This past December 17 in Philadelphia, two events were held: In the afternoon, about two dozen people gathered at the Thomas Paine Plaza to the west of City Hall, to create a safe space to cultivate community conversations. Then in the evening at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PHILA MOCA) activities included reading the names of sex workers who were murdered this year. The 59 names that were read out loud also appeared on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Memorial Video