Philadelphia Is Sanctuary To A Diverse Culture & History Of Sex Workers

In its 2015 Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights, the State Department affirmed the 2010 United Nations Recommendation #86, stating, “We agree that no one should face violence or discrimination in access to public services based on sexual orientation or their status as a person in prostitution,” and we call upon the States to do likewise. There are numerous instances of state laws and regulations that still discriminate against our community. (ESPLER Project)

You do not need to be a sex worker to be involved. You just need to care! December 17th 2019 will be the 16th Annual International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. All year I/we collect data and narratives, assist with the memorial list, interact with community, family, non profits advocacy organizations law enforcement, and punitive powers; plus advocate for short and long term sex work specific professional and victim services. D/17 is a memorial so it is not entirely fun though it is full of love. It is a celebration of the lives of those with us, and the voice of those lost. See you at Thomas Paine Place across from City Hall on D/17. – M. Dante

National: hashtag: #restinpower

Philly: #ourvoiceistheirvoice

COYOTEri 2018 You Tube Memorial 

"Its time to change the social perception that she wasn’t a person, she was a “prostitute”. No one wants to feel a sense of community or sameness with her. She was something other than us and therefore we don’t need to feel fear or grief at the fact or the manner of her death.”-


Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner 2018 Inauguration: "Today we start the long road towards empowering and protecting some of our most vulnerable witnesses and survivors: immigrants that lack legal status so that they like other vulnerable groups - young people, elderly people, sex workers - can participate in the criminal justice system that is there to protect them. Today we trade fear for sanctuary."

A very special thanks to PHILLY dot com Bob Fernandez and Kathy Boccella for their amazing in-depth reporting of D/17 2017:

  • Philly vigil set for 31 sex workers slain in the U.S. this year

  • Sex workers victimized by violence remembered at Philadelphia vigil

We also sincerely thank Elizabeth Nolan Brown at Reason Magazine for her Hit & Run mention:

  • The Best Sex Work Writing of 2017 – Hit & Run: Sex Workers Victimized by Violence Remembered at Philadelphia Vigil” The Inquirer recently covered a vigil commemorating the 2017 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, in a piece that’s surprisingly sex-work positive for a mainstream paper. “The vigil organizers were encouraged by the attendance of a surrogate for Philadelphia district attorney-elect Larry Krasner, T.J. Ghose, an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice,” Inquirer writer Kathy Boccella notes. Ghose said the incoming DA had pledged during his campaign to drastically reduce criminal prosecutions of sex workers as part of his goal to reduce the number of women of color behind bars. “Sex work is a gateway,” said Ghose, who has worked with a 70,000-member union of sex workers in India. “If we’re going to end mass incarceration, prosecuting sex workers has to stop.”




THANK YOU to everyone who braved the storm for the 2016 and 2017 D/17 at Thomas Paine Plaza. Your participation added light and love to the day. THANK YOU – including though not limited –  to:  The  Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders,  ELS, Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU-Philly), The ESPLER Project, Food Not Bombs, Global Women’s Strike, New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance, Philadelphia Red Umbrella Alliance, Project SAFE, SWOP Behind Bars, SWOP USA, US Pros Collective  and  our amazingly supportive, awesome local community allies. Respect. Love.



 Photo of #IDTEVASW participating in #RedSandProject  (c) David Block

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  1. ✨✨✨Thank you. You are actually the first person to see that message of love, Dick. That is really what it is all about. That we find a way to love each other despite our different beliefs and life experiences. That we care 〽️


  2. No matter where people live & work, no matter what they do for a living, dignity, respect andd community support in all its manifestations are the base upon which to build lasting relationships between the people and society.

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  3. People, no matter their background, profession, belief system, gender or race, are to be treated and interdependently respected, supported and given the same opportunities to grow and reach their full potential under all circumstances.

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    1. 2015 UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW of HUMAN RIGHTS where the State Department affirmed​​ United Nations Recommendation #86​​, stating: “We agree that no one should face violence or discrimination in access to public services based on sexual orientation or their status as a person in prostitution.”

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    2. ● 2014 PA Act 105​​ OFFERS NO INCLUSION of adults who identify as sex workers, nor a grandfather clause to protect former victims whose experiences are prior to the 2010 General Assembly review, or consensual adult workers. Act 105 also seems to define and conflate all sex work as potential criminal sexual activity / human trafficking.


  4. Thank you for creating this blog. It is so epically f*cked up that the next wave of assault on sex workers from the state is slated to commence on actual December 17, with every social media site waving their wh*rephobic banners to take down all “adult content.” No mention, of course, of how the f*cking f*ck this will make sex workers safer – taking away yet again the most basic cheap/free advertising and screening mechanisms that allow *some* protection against the most risky methods of getting income. No mention, of course, of any alternative means to replace that income if anyone tries to choose safety over income. No mention, of course, of what in the hell they think they are actually doing to make things better for anyone.

    Sex work is work. Sex workers rights are human rights. I stand with, support and care for sex workers, and so does pretty much everyone in this world even if they don’t know it.

    Thank you again, and I’ll see you on D/17.

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    1. THANK YOU May we truly bring the diverse cultures of our city community together in new and unexpected wonderful ways to help make this better here. We really want the city to emanate love as a sanctuary city that can be a beacon of hope.


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