Site icon December 17th 2023 is the 20th Intl Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

2023 Pre Covid Sx Work Stats

Fact Sheet: It should be noted that the Sex Worker community is largely unrecognized as a population. This is an injustice and impacts our ability to gather statistics about both our losses and our resiliency. Sex Workers as a demographic need to be recognized and supported and funded so that data can be accurately reflected. Here are some of the very limited facts based off of statistics we were able to gather:

• 23% of GLBT murder victims on the 2012 Anti-Violence Project report were killed while engaging in sex work.

• The homicide rate for female sex workers is estimated to be 204 per 100,000, according to a longitudinal study published in 2004. This constitutes a higher occupational mortality rate than any other group of women ever studied.

• A study of New York Street-Based Sex Workers reported that 80% of participants had reported experiencing violence, including 27% at the hands of police.

• In a report on violence against sex workers in India, 70% had reported abuse by police, and 80% had been arrested without evidence.

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