Men Kill 17 Women in April – Evrim Kepenek (Istanbul)

Evrim Kepenek İstanbul – BIA News Desk 05 May 2020, Tuesday 12:06
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* Infographic: Yağmur Karagöz – biane

Forced sex work

Men forced at least 11 women to sex work in April. This figure was 33 in the same month last year. Ten of the women who were forced to sex work were not citizens of Turkey.

Judicial process

There were at least 14 perpetrators who forced women to sex work. Only two perpetrators were arrested. At least 12 perpetrators were detained.



The bianet Male Violence Monitoring Report only covers women who lost their lives as a result of male violence. We do not include any violence cases or crimes that are not gender-based.

Throughout the year, we keep track of unidentified murders and suspicious deaths of women in separate monthly tallies but do not add them to the number presented in the headline.

At the end of the year, we examine these cases of unidentified murders and suspicious deaths to determine whether the crimes were gender-based. We add the gender-based incidents into the report.

We do not include any murders in the reports that are committed by people with psychological disorders (such as murders committed by people with schizophrenia).

We include suicide or suicide attempt incidents in the tally only if the woman was subjected to violence/ systematic violence in her past. We cover these suicide incidents in a separate category and do not add suicide cases to the number presented in the headline.

In addition, we don’t include femicide cases that occur in a mass murder in which the woman was not directly targeted under the condition that the debated incident is not gender based either.

Occupations of the offenders only included in the reports when the incident of violence is related to the occupation of the offender. For example, “Woman was murdered at home by his husband, who is a professional soldier.”

We add the violence committed on children by men, to make the extent of violence visible.