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#DECRIMNOW moves forward in DC!

HIPS, a local sex worker harm reduction organization and the SeHi x Workers Advocacy Coalition pushed for decriminalization of sex work in DC, achieving a city council hearing on the Community Health & Safety Amendment Act of 2019. We made history, or HERSTORY as our grassroots movement has been lead by Black and Brown transgender women, femmend non binary queer folks, who are most affected by these laws.  Our work received national coverage on the fight for decriminaizationWe delivered over 3,000 signatures from residents supportive of #decrim, built from SWAC’s canvassing efforts and over 70 local and national LGBTQ orgnizations signed a separate letter in support. 

2019 was a pretty EPIC year -for HIPS DC —

We’ve got some big news, and I wanted to share it with you.  

First, THANK YOU for being a HIPS supporter, this year, your donations helped us do so much. Here are some highlights:

We couldn’t do this without you.  Can I count on you to make an end of the year donation?

Your donations keep HIPS fearlessly fighting for a just and more inclusive DC, and allow us to respond quickly to community needs.  You know of HIPS good work in our community, and now we’d like to share our new vision of what we stand for:  


At 71 years old, Penny isn’t what you think of when you hear about the opioid epidemic.  At her first therapy session at HIPS, she shared a secret from her childhood. “If this is what keeps me using, I have to start talking about it,” she said. HIPS honors our clients’ experiences through non-judgmental, compassionate, respectful services. 

One client said, “I see such a wide variety of people from all walks of life when I come to HIPS, I know y’all will accept me for who I am.” 
HIPS’ approach affirms individual challenges and individual goals, and we tailor our services to support clients along their journey. 

“HIPS gave me the opportunity to use my voice to help others. To speak out. They gave me an opportunity to give back.” 
We work with people help them lead healthy and powerful lives. HIPS brings together sex workers, drug users, allies and donors like you to affirm an individual’s power to change their own lives and the system.

Strength comes in many forms. At HIPS, we work to help clients find strength to reach their goals.  One client said, “When I came to the drop-in, I was homeless, working the streets and unable to even couch surf.  At HIPS, I was able to shower, I was able to eat, and hang out in a safe place to gather my thoughts.  Now I have an efficiency. Things are still tough, but I have an efficiency and am grateful that the time at HIPS helped me get there”.

I hope you love the new name as much as we do. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please, make a donation today to help us continue to the fight.  Help us Honor Individual Power and Strength by providing refuge, showers, a meal, and a new chance through supportive, affirming community.

Thank you.  We are grateful you have our back. 

In Solidarity, Love, & Lube,


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