Trans Day Of Remembrance (TDOR)

TDOR Statement from SWOP USA Board member Alex Corona

“Transgender people are beautiful and a magical gift to this world. They should be uplifted, celebrated, and protected by everyone for the courage and strength it takes to live in their truths. Unfortunately, transgender people, especially black trans women, face extremely high rates of violence, harassment, inequality, and murder. Trans people face discrimination at every turn from family, employment, housing, to social services, shelters, and inclusion in society for simply living openly as transgender. In 2019, twenty two trans people, almost all black transgender women, were murdered. Many more were harmed and abused because society, religion, politics, law enforcement, and media say that they are less than. Trans people are not less than. They deserve life, respect, dignity, and opportunities for success.

The Sex Workers Outreach Project stands in solidarity with all trans communities and strives to make the world a better, safer, and more inclusive place for trans, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people. The violence that these communities face is an epidemic and should be a crucial tenant of policy in every presidential campaign and political conversation.We must strive to hold space for every transgender human to thrive successfully and beautifully without fear of assault and death. We hold these people in our hearts today, the national Transgender Day of Remembrance, and every day.”