Support CA SB233

CALL TO ACTION – SB233 – Allow Trafficking Victims and Sex Workers to Report Violence Without Fear of Arrest

We are seeking your support for Improving Sex Worker Health and Safety – SB 233 (Weiner). This is an important bill sponsored by SWOP Sacramento, SWOP USA, SWOP LA, St James Infirmary, ESLERP, USPROS, and supported by the ACLU, San Francisco DA, SF County Supervisors, and the Gender Health Center. SB233 would prohibit the arrest of individuals engaged in sex work when they come forward as a witness or a victim of specified violent and serious crimes. It will also end the practice of using condoms as evidence of sex work related offenses.


 Individuals in the sex trade experience and witness extremely high rates of violence but are often reluctant to report crimes for fear of being arrested. Additionally, condoms have historically been confiscated and used to incriminate sex workers exacerbating unsafe working conditions and undermining sex worker’s ability to protect themselves. 

 SB 233 promotes the health and safety of women of color and folks of trans experience who are disproportionately criminalized for sex work. 

To submit a letter of support for SB 233 by Tuesday, April 2nd, all that is needed is to follow the link below and fill in the form. Your response will be faxed to 11 different offices (10 Senators that we believe will be instrumental in passing this bill and the Public Safety Committee). Thank you so much for your support