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John Gillum brutally murders teenage prostitute | Daily Mail Online

John Gillum, 29, raped and murdered teen prostitute, 19, after they argued over the price

• John Gillum of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, admitted killing Morgan Huennekens

• The pair had a dispute over how much he would pay for sex acts, Gillum said 

• He punched prostitute, 19, in the face before raping and stabbing her in the neck

• Gillum placed her body in the shed in his home before going to the police station 

A man brutally murdered a teenage prostitute after arguing over the price of sex before walking into a police station and confessing the very next day.John Gillum, 29, told officers he committed a homicide at his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Saturday before turning himself in the next day.

He allegedly killed Morgan Huennekens, 19, with a knife and pipe before dragging her body into a shed behind his home.Her body was discovered by police wrapped in blankets in the shed with two belts wrapped around her.

Morgan Huennekens, 19, went to John Gillum’s home on Saturday. She was raped and murdered by the man after they had a disagreement over price

Gillum, 29, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, confessed to killing a teenage prostitute after they allegedly fought over how much he would pay her

Gillum said he wrapped her body in a blanket and moved it into the shed behind his home after he murdered her 

Gillum told investigators that he met Huennekens ‘a few days ago’ where they exchanged numbers and began messaging about exchanging sex for money, according to KTLA.  The 19-year-old met Gillum at his home on Saturday, and she said she would leave if he didn’t pay her more for sex.

Gillum said Hueenekens asked him to stop after he tied her up Gillum told authorities that made him angry so he punched her in the mouth, tied her up and then raped her. He then ‘took a knife and stabbed her in the neck’ and said he ‘remembered from watching movies how to stab someone,’ according to court documents about the case.

His initial reasoning for committing the murder was because ‘he sensed something in his head that he had to kill the victim.’ Gillum noticed the victim was ‘suffering’ so he then hit her over the head with a metal pipe so ‘she no longer had to suffer’.

An argument initially started between the pair after he agreed to pay $160 for sex and gave her $200, but she refused to give him change.

He then tied Huennekens to his bed post to prevent her from leaving the house.

Gillum now faces one count of first-degree intentional homicide and another count of second-degree sexual assault for the rape and murder of the 19-year-old 

An autopsy revealed that Huennekens died of multiple stab wound and blunt trauma 

Gillum admitted that Huennekens asked him to stop and ‘begged for her life’ before he stabbed her ‘five or six times’.

An autopsy revealed that the victim died of multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma.

The 29-year-old faces one count of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of second-degree sexual assault for the attack and murder of Huennekens.