We Remember: The 1986 Murder Of Tanya & Tina

We Remember: The 1986 Murder: Tanya Moore (Jonathan Streater) and Tina Rodriguez (Faustino Arroyo) were two transgender friends working as prostitutes on Philadelphia’s thirteenth street in 1986. The pair disappeared on June 30, 1986 after getting into a couple of clients’ car. On July 3, 1986 their mutilated and dismembered bodies were found burning at a baseball diamond in Middletown.[1]

Disappearance and Deaths

After getting into a light medium-sized van with two male clients on June 30, 1986, the pair were never seen again. Other transgender prostitutes describe the men last seen with the victims as being two white men between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five. The driver had curly dark hair and a mustache; the second suspect was blonde and clean shaven.[2] At 12:31 a.m. on July 3, 1986, police and firefighters responded to the report of a brush fire; the Fairless Hills Fire Co. found two burning bodies instead. Through meticulous fingerprint analysis, hands cut off of the charred victims were matched with prison records by the FBI, both being identified as Jonathan Streater and Faustino Arroyo.[3]


Tanya Moore was a thirty-one-year-old transgender prostitute. She was born Jonathan Streater in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Tanya had over twenty arrests for prostitution in Pennsylvania going back thirteen years prior to her death. Tiffany Hall, a friend of Tanya and Tina said, “Streater was clean cut and went to church” but that Tina was “boy crazy” and estranged from her family; always getting bailed out of jail for prostitution and other offenses.[4]

Tina Rodriguez was a twenty-seven-year-old transgender prostitute. She was born Faustino Arroyo in Puerto Rico but grew up in Camden, New Jersey. She had over fifty prostitution arrests in: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York prior to her death. Her half-brother, Arnaldo Mojica, told a newspaper in 1986 that Arroyo hadn’t been seen at the family’s home in Camden for six months leading up to the murders. Mojica said the family knew Arroyo was “gay”. Arnaldo also said that Arroyo’s mother “went all the time to Philadelphia to get him out of jail, going on to say, “We tried to help him, tell him to stay home, but he would always go away.” Tina was the smallest of the two; weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds at five foot six inches tall.[5]


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