Breathless Poem by Truth Troubles

A Poem by Truth Troubles Breathless as the womb expands -Breathless till child’s bottom receives it’s very first hand – The cry all parents long for – Music  to all Grand-Parents hearts – The only time we ever wish to hear our child cry –  The child grows from crawling then walking – As all the parents hold their breath – Watching and wondering and waiting – What choices will our little angel make – Breathless anticipation, the good we hope for – The bad we pray they will learn from – And never again let it darken their face – As age takes hold of our bodies – We look back upon the life that we lived – Traveling our nation’s highways – In the motor home that our child did give – The vistas of God’s beauty surrounds us – Breathless beauty, where man’s footprint seldom tread – Nearly breathless as we are but a step or two – From the calling of the earth, the destiny we all must face – Breathlessly we look back one last time – At the beauty of our children and theirs – Death has only a minute sting as we lay breathlessly in God’s earth – Knowing at His trumpet we will fully see the good and the bad – Breathlessly, hoping to behold our loved ones faces once again – Breathlessly hoping for a smile, not anger, upon our Creators face. BREATHLESS ##

Bloggers Note – This is so beautiful and touching to me. Thank you for allowing me to re/post your poem here as part of our memorial.   Breathless – Truth Troubles

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