We Remember: Donna Marie Gentile 

Philadelphia runaway Donna Marie Gentile became known for her NHI – No Human Involved – status as a prostitution cold case murder in San Diego. Her family is here in Philadelphia and asks us all to keep her memory alive. Absolutely we will.

We mourn the loss of life and human potential while celebrating her courageous effort to hold public servants accountable when serving the public. Our police officers are not supposed to rape and kill citizens, including citizens who are prostitutes or sex workers. 

Memorial Opening Read By Anita Defrancesco:  On behalf of this day Dec 17 Violence Against Sex Workers I want to shed light on the many women in this country and the world that go without a voice. Without a voice to be heard, without a voice to see, without a voice to cry, without a voice to be understood, without a voice to be accepted,  and without a voice in the grave. I speak today on behalf of a dear first cousin of mine ( Donna Marie Gentile) a native Philadelphian, a young prostitute who was the first in the NHI project of women who went missing and was murdered in San Diego back in the 1980’s. Donna was murdered because she wanted to stand up and have her voice heard in a courtroom to prove her innocence. But Donna never got that chance to finish her prosecution against the San Diego police who troubled her life.  Donna was a courageous and strong girl who believed in life and she wanted her voice heard in many ways. Donna was faced with challenges from early on in her family life which led her to run to the streets because her voice wasn’t heard at home.  I today am a voice for Donna my cousin and all women who alive or dead want to be heard.  So for a moment, I want you to hear me loud and clear and honor the voice of an empowered woman channeling for all of those women who went unheard. 

The family’s memory site: http://donnamariegentile.com/ The site is a dedication from the family: Brother Louis Gentile and Cousin Anita DeFrancesco. Link To Email Contact.