Killer Byron Allen In Custody: Del Co DA Jack Whelan on the 2016 Kensington Corrider Murders

[12/21/2016] District Attorney Jack Whelan will be joined by Yeadon Borough Police Chief Molineux and Captain Mark Burgmann, Commanding officer of the Philadelphia PD SVU to announce first-degree murder charges in the stabbing death of Natasha Gibson in addition to information regarding the investigation of a series of sexual assaults in the Kensington Avenue corridor starting with the initial assault that occurred on April 19, 2016, at Braddock and Toronto Streets where a 45-year-old female had her throat slashed by an unknown offender.

Three additional sexual assaults occurred: July 12, 2016, on the 3800 block of Jasper Street. In late July on the 3100 block Jasper Street, and on October 1, 2016, on the 2700 block of Ruth Street. PHILLY dot com

⚫️ NBC10 on “sport” killer Byron Allen

PRESS CONFERENCE: WEDNESDAY DEC. 21 – 10:00 AM Delaware County Courthouse | CID Conference Room Ground Floor | 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA 19063

Emily H. Harris Public Affairs Officer Office of the District Attorney Delaware County Courthouse 201 W. Front Street Media, PA 19063

(Abridged) Press on the Violence: ally urges anti-violence resolution by state lawmakers  Tim Cwiek September 8, 2016  …In an effort to lessen the violence, [Dante is] pushing for state lawmakers to pass an anti-violence resolution regarding sex workers in Pennsylvania. She received a glimmer of hope last week when a state lawmaker indicated he’d meet with her to discuss her concerns. “Each individual’s human rights are sacred, including the human rights of those of us who have lived the sex trade,” Dante told PGN. As an advocate for sex workers, she’s aware of far too many acts of violence against members of that community. And she speaks from personal experience. In June, while driving in Northeast Philadelphia, a brick was thrown at her car, shattering its windshield. She said Philadelphia police failed to respond to her 911 calls for assistance. Two young men on bicycles circled her car in a menacing manner. “I couldn’t get the police to come,” she said. “It was very frightening. It was only three blocks from where a woman working the streets had her throat slashed. That predator is still on the loose. Fortunately, a local towing company arrived and transported me to safety.”Dante wants state lawmakers to pass a resolution declaring Dec. 17 as International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in Pennsylvania. For the past 12 years, people around the world have observed Dec. 17 as a day to honor the lives of sex workers lost to murder and suicide. “My goal is to be sure no sex worker or person exploring their sexual and gender identity is forgotten, after falling victim to a violent crime leading to their death,” Dante said.Since 2012, Dec. 17 memorial events have been held in Philadelphia. Sims’ office issued this statement: “Violence in any form inflicted upon any person is reprehensible. This is especially true of those perpetrators who target marginalized communities that find it difficult or impossible to access legal recourse or protection. Of course, we’d welcome any conversations or proposals which aim to reduce this issue.” 
THANK YOU TIM Cwiek and ePGN for having the courage to care and cover it. Ⓜ️


  1. Natasha Gibson was my only blood sister… I still can’t believe or understand this. How was this dangerous man with a known drug, sexual and repeat offender problem even touched the streets again. He had numerous drug test while on probation and failed them repeatedly. He even had an episode where he bust into the Probation office with no shirt on. Who in they right mind does that? But yet they continued to let him walk. It’s almost as if he was saying lock me up and throw away the key. It’s been over looked though smh. Her daughter hurt every day our family hurt every day this is such a bad situation and tuff time for us…. God got us and God got her, and through those strengths we shall rise above this. Thanks for all the support, prayers and concerns. Thanks to the entire Delco district for your hard work and efforts (ALL officers, detectives and DA’s who worked so hard on this case), you all helped us and society SO much… THIS DEMON IS OFF THE STREETS!!!!


    1. Words cannot express how sorry I am for this loss of life. This truly breaks my heart. May the blessings be that we can come together as community. May God help us fill this emptiness with Love. Thank you for writing. Bless you.

  2. Please know it is with heartfelt sorrow for your loss. In my own trauma from losing Rickie Jolene I had no way of knowing who killed her. If I could have prevented him from killing anyone else I would have. I made neuromus calls to the police asking questions. The only response I received is” we may have a suspect. We don’t have enough evidence. No it isn’t who we thought. I told you we will let you know when we have something”. No human no matter who they are deserved to die as Natasha or my daughter Rickie Jolene Morgan or anyone else.

    1. Hello Carol, I’m sorry for your loss as well. I’m so grateful that I finally came in contact with you. This saddens me so deeply, just this whole situation alone. By you stating how much the detectives have pushed you off saddens me even worst. Me & my mother would love to speak/meet with you. Byron Allen actually has a court date tomorrow, where they are seeking the death penalty in Delco. Please let me know if your interested in following this process among other issues we have going on. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for contributing Carol. These cyber posted community conversations are hopefully the start to finding ways to address address stigma and de/escalate violence in our combined communities. It starts with us, and hopefully is eternal like a flame to light our path. X M.

  4. ” IF YOU USED HALF THE ENERGY DOING GOOD YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD” my words to Rickie Jolene. I will carry her fight for her. i taught her to fight for what she believes in. I believed in her to the very end.

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