Quantifying Violence: Frankford Kensington 19124

Inspired by Rickie Morgan’s murder to get the stats on the Frankford / Kensington street violence, here’s the deal:

By conducting public records searches we are seeing zip code per zip code where the violence in Philadelphia is happening and how.

All research costs are paid for by sex workers for sex workers.

31 May 2016 my  car was attacked with a brick while I was driving on Frankford Avenue just off Torresdale. Police never followed up on my 9-1-1 call or took police report. They left me stranded at Frankford and Jasper near where the attacks have occurred. How can we stop serial predators if we can’t report and paper trail the violence?

What’s our goal? To get communities  working together to stop the cycle of violence which is currently considered a normal part every day life in the North East corridor of Philadelphia.

Just because someone is prostituting themselves or is part of a street based economy does not mean violence should be a norm. And just because we as regular people drive through an  area doesn’t mean we should be victimized by predators

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