2015 D/17 Philly Hosted By RSSC

Thanks to our anonymous ally for contributing his thoughts on his first D/17 Memorial:

DECEMBER 17th Community Connections & Friends from The Erotic Literary Salon joined Project SAFE , SWOP & RSSC at LOVE PARK in PHILLY

Typically, the weather in Philadelphia was not an ally today. I attended the rally, but this torrent of rain all but drowned us! I counted two dozen people who showed up. Still, it was quite an event! Very eye-opening for me, too. I’m glad that [SWOP Philly] encouraged me to attend. I distributed the flyers and stood with the group, holding the banner with Jennifer (from the salon.) I also met Skye, Lindsay, Jess, Timarie and Anita! I actually took the megaphone TWICE from Skye to address the crowd (really, preaching to the choir, considering the sparse attendance,) first, calling out the Right for venerating their hero Jesus–who was kind to Mary Magdalene, a sex worker–yet, being deaf to his message of kindness to the prostitutes of the world. Later, I reminded the crowd that the upcoming Election Year is an occasion to raise the consciousness of the country, including the candidates to the cause of social justice in general and the sex workers of the world in particular. So, despite leaving with rain-soaked clothes and squeaky shoes, I am very glad that I attended and thank you! I’d happily do it again! Cheers!